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SUP in Blue Waters

The story of the Crosse Paddle

By Rick Appleyard

The idea for the Crosse Paddle was actually a joke. Paddling is great, but a lot of the time, people just go from point A to point B. This is fun and all, but for some people, there needs to be more of a challenge and something to make things interesting. 
The first time I held a paddleboard paddle I thought it looked kind of like a lacrosse stick. While I wasn't a huge lacrosse player growing up, I did play at camp when I was younger. 
I kept thinking about paddleboard lacrosse every time I saw something about lacrosse or something about paddleboarding in the media or while out and about. When I was a young lad, certain watersports had a profound impact on my life. That's part of why I thought that creating something that would be fun to use on the water for hours at a time would be a worthy cause. 
After several prototypes, I realized I needed to make a more professional-looking paddle. That is an entirely different story that maybe I will tell someday.
I don't claim to be the only person interested in creating a paddle sport where players toss balls with their paddles. I do believe that the future of paddlesports involves that though. The Crosse Paddle was created so that people can play for hours on end without spending much money. The hope is that "Golf style" paddle lacrosse can become something as popular as Disc Golf. Something that is relatively affordable that people can play in public places cheaply. A way to utilize waterways and create an activity that makes paddling safer and more fun.

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